Scholarship Application Process Letter

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for applying for the Central Indiana Realtist Association’s Champions of Change Scholarship.  Attached you will find the scholarship application.  Please email your completed application along with other required documentation to Ms. Dodd prior to May 1, 2020.


  1. Each applicant must be a person in their senior year in high school with the expectation of attending a college, university, junior college, or technical college in the upcoming summer or fall.
  2. Must possess a minimum 2.5 GPA.


Application Criteria

Applications will be judged based on completed application, overall grade point average,

Class rank, honors, extra- curricular activities, essays, community service, and interview.

Please include the following:

______ 250 word typed essay about you, your school activities, and community participation and how this award will aid in your pursuit in your chosen field or profession.

______ Official transcript (must be signed and sealed by registrar) can be emailed separately.

______ Two letters of recommendation (school, church, community program, government  officials,  etc.  (Letters from family members are not accepted)

______  Letter of acceptance from a college or technical school.

_______ Photo Release

______  One 3×5 photo and a signed photo release form in the event it is use for publicity      purposes only.

______ Copies of awards, accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, community service,  church involvement, etc…  A resume with a listing your activities is not acceptable.  You must provide documentation.

Ms. Dorothy Dodd – Chairperson

Ms. Delores Kennedy – President

Contact Information:

Ms. Dorothy Dodd
(317) 223-4283